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New York, New York

Having been to New York multiple times, this trip is really a stop over, just to shop and eat. Shopping was disappointing maybe due to the after effects of the pandemic. But food, well let’s talk about food.

First order upon arrival is of course, bagels. Every street corner in New York is a bakery that sells bagels. But the one and only hubby loves is Ess-a-Bagel. Take out only and the bakery design dates back to the original setup with worn out wood panels, staff working on computers in the corners while others pack bagels by the boxes for delivery. Queuing to order we witnessed the bagels being fried in deep buckets of oil or is it boiled? and then baked in an open oven like a pizza oven. With its very large toppings selections, my BLT bagel was worth the queue.

Another sandwich place we had to queue a short walk from Soho is Katz Deli. Pastrami and brisket sandwiches to die for. Dine in available, but not much to look at, greasy floor with trolley of dishes being rolled around the dining room, walls of pictures of famous people who visited, shows the age of the deli. Queue, get a ticket number, order what you want, find a table, eat and then pay before you exit.

For dinners, we decided to splurge. Tried some of the places in the list of 2021 best restaurants in New York - Crown Shy, Kochi and Locanda Verde. I used to be very skeptical about lists of best restaurants or highly recommended but this list did not disappoint. The beef short ribs and toffee pudding at Crown Shy tops the list. Kochi - westernised Korean food - tapas style, my least favourite was the Korean corn dog. So not worth the calories.

Last but not least, our last meal in New York was at Locanda Verde. We went for their ricotta pancakes without knowing it’s a weekend special. We did not leave disappointed though as their peekytoe crabmeat spaghetti and grandma’s ravioli is plate licking good.

And of course one cannot visit New York without going to Magnolia bakery and Levain bakery. Consistently good year after year. I shall endeavour to test bake the banana pudding from Magnolia’s and the thick cookie from Levain. Wish me luck.


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