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Living my life as a Warrior, Woman and Mum.

by Sharon Wong

She’s built a chain of successful mother and baby stores in Singapore and China, is a loving wife and mother to three grown-up children, and has become a mentor to budding female entrepreneurs. In this deeply personal book, Sharon Wong, founder and CEO of Motherswork, shares her refreshing and authentic approach to managing her time and prioritising the demands of a high-flying career and family.


Wo(Mum) traces Sharon’s early days growing up in Ipoh, how her role as a tax and treasury director at an MNC sparked the idea for Motherswork (which forever changed the way mothers shop for baby products), and the meteoric rise of her company. This book is much more than just a retail story; it is the story of a young woman whose vision and grit made her a role model for women in all industries—a woman who dreamed big, fought hard to have it all, broke the rules and loved passionately along the way.


Written for entrepreneurs, women seeking to advance at work, or anyone grappling with work-life balance, Sharon’s book offers solid advice and inspiration that you will be able to take and apply to your life… immediately.

Book reviews

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"Can women have it all? Absolutely—Sharon is living proof. From her modest origins in Ipoh, to climbing the corporate ladder to founding Motherswork, to raising three talented and gifted children, whatever Sharon does, she does it with a fire in her belly and a belief that nothing is impossible.


Whether you are a mum or not, Sharon lays bare her soul and dishes out nuggets of wisdom and experience that will steer you in the right direction. Informative, captivating and inspirational, it is a delightful read and an amazing juxtaposition of strength and vulnerability throughout."

Wy-Lene Yap

Founder and Managing Editor

High Net Worth

Giving back

While I believe that the years of knowledge and experience I’ve accumulated can benefit those looking for practical advice and guidance in business, life, and entrepreneurship, or perhaps serve as an inspiration for you, I would also like to make a difference here — (in my own small way) I’ll be donating all proceeds from the sales of my book through here and bookstores to Halogen Foundation to pay forward to the next generation of young entrepreneurs.

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